nuun Daylighting - Future use and benefits of Solar energy

nuun daylighting is a future concept introducing natural lighting and ventilation to a building. nuun daylighting harvest sunlight and gives indoor daylight, heating and ventilation, which is cost-effective and environmental friendly. As a smart system nuun mix natural daylight with artificial light. Controlled by sensors the light out put change with the natural amount of light and color temperature during the day.

By combining technology- and design thinking nuun has the potential to reduce the electrical energy consumption dramatically. A holistic design approach offers a sketch for simplifying the service of introducing renewal energy to a building, while at the same time offer a better indoor climate for the end user. Using movement in daylight as a natural storyteller, nuun keeps the user in touch with the outside world. The project was done as a Master thesis from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design together with Martin Nesheim and Techni.