We implement methods from both design and engineering.

The Story

skyfer was founded by Gerhard Wiese and Kristian Aarseth as a platform to do common projects. Combining their experiences and knowledge as an industrial designer and an engineer, skyfer is now working as a multidisciplinary studio. Using the best from both worlds enables us to tackle anything ranging from from a physical- to a digital project.

How we work

We are a small studio working on a range of different projects. We believe in a close relationship with our clients where we together find the best approach and process. Every project is unique and we strive to to make an unique delivery every time. If needed we bring in skills and knowledge from our collaborative network. We believe that planning is vital to deliver the best possible end result.

When tackling a complex problem we part it into different phases. Depending on the task we implement methods from both design and engineering. We analyse, sketch, 3d-model, crunch numbers or write code to solve the problem.

Gerhard Wiese

Engineer and Enterprise Architect

Gerhard has a MSc in Communication Technology from NTNU as well as being a certified Enterprise Architect through TOGAF. Gerhard is in charge of technology at skyfer working on all levels of ICT architecture as well as strategy and business development. With extensive experience from large projects along with an analytical approach, Gerhard ensures focus on both details and the big picture as a versatile team member.

Kristian Aarseth

Industrial designer

Kristian holds an MA of Industrial design from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Kristian is in charge of design at skyfer working both physical- and digital projects. As a designer Kristian works with a methodical approach focusing on analysis and insights to ensure success in the end result as well as maintaining focus on the usability. Experience from running a small design agency makes him able to work in different roles in a design project.