System architectures for the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration(NAV)

Gerhard has extensive experience from multiple development projects for NAV through his former employer Visma Consulting. During the time Gerhard spent at NAV, the organization went through a great change in order to both improve and digitalize the way they communicate with their users and other government departments.

Gerhard was working as a functional architect identifying how demands for modern ICT-solutions could be met while still relaying on an existing and at times outdated system portfolio.

Some of the more impactful achievements gained through the projects includes NAV now being able to send documents to their users through a digital messaging service, as well as being able to send and receive invoices and other e-commerce documents for both B2B and B2C. NAV has also established a system for digital journaling with an integrated self service solution, that provides users access to their journal digitally on their chosen platform.

On the political level NAV are now on its way to become fully digital in compliance with the expectations from the Norwegian government. In addition they are getting great economic savings from automation and decreasing postage cost.